we are four hippie, holistic, rosé sipping, everyday mamas who are getting' shit done!

the brunch club

the brunch club


there is nothing better than a lunch with your favorite ladies, especially when those ladies are intelligent, kind, inspiring, and also happen to completely rule their industries. courtney and I invited a few of our favorite babes to Bazille at Nordstrom in UTC for the most delicious lunch, complete with Ali and Jay dresses, Anna Beck jewels and plenty of the most perfectly pink rosé. the vibe at Bazille is perfect for a group get together...  you have the intimacy of a cozy restaurant, incredible food, and if you’re looking to do a little people watching, they have a patio that overlooks the mall’s hustle and bustle. plus, there is just something so charming and nostalgic about dining inside a Nordstrom. 


on the menu! 

- simple salad

- heirloom tomatoes + burrata 

- kung pao brussels sprouts 

- crab, mango + avocado salad 

- salmon with mediterranean couscous 

- oh, and did we mention rosé? 


we hosted this luncheon as a way to spend quality time with each other, without our phones, without children, connecting. finding out what each other was working on, had plans to do in the future, and in hopes of helping one another to keep moving forward. if you don’t have a group to do this with, find one. one of the few things we’re sure of, is the importance of community. 


we left inspired by so many things…  but most of all the women sitting across the table from us. we decided to ask each of the women to share a little bit about who there are and what they do, to hopefully inspire you in some way. 


terri - rosé and rattles founder


- what is your weekday morning routine? 

our weekday mornings are pretty slow moving lately, and I love it that way because I am not a morning person. when Beckett wakes up we lay in bed and meditate together. my husband will usually bring me coffee in bed (bless his soul) and when he leaves for work my daughter and I lounge in bed and watch an episode of I love Lucy. we will eventually take turns ice rolling our faces and crawl out of bed for breakfast together. 

- where can we find you on a saturday morning? 

we go to the playa vista farmers market every saturday morning. my daughter is always so excited to get her raw honey stick, and I love coming home with bundles of organic, freshly picked produce. if for some reason I don’t go, my husband has the drill down and will take my daughter on his own… so cute. 

- how do you keep that “healthy glow” 

I firmly believe that a healthy glow starts from within. I try to drink a ton of water every day, especially if I’m drinking wine, and I eat a lot of veggies! I am also completely obsessed with evenhealy’s face oils. they’re whole motto is to let your skin breathe, and their products just feel incredible on my skin. 

- if you were speaking to a group of young women, what would you want them to know?

never stop learning, take chances, travel while you’re young, and go out of your way to be kind and gracious to people (and be sincere about it). 

- what’s your favorite podcast? 

right now it’s nursing and cursing. jessie from jessica jaccaino photo (who happened to shoot this luncheon for us) turned me onto it and I’m obsessed. the only problem is finding time when I’m not with my daughter so I can listen to it without her repeating profanities. I’m also equally obsessed with the GOOP podcast. I mean everything that GP touches turns to gold and this is no exception. 

- what is your shopping guilty pleasure? 

I love buying cute little pajama sets/nighties. since my “job” is technically from home, I like feeling cute and somewhat put together. I actually just bought this little set from Nordstrom and I can’t take it off! 

- who is your favorite boss babe and why?

I’m obsessed with melissa wood health. she’s such a zen mama who really tries to live in the moment with her son. I feel like becoming a mom has made me slow down so much and I can really relate to her mentality. plus her workout routines and diet are incredible. and have you seen that hair?!?

courtney - rosé and rattles co founder


what is your weekday morning routine? 

I’m a total morning person and typically get up first in the house and do a quick check of emails, IG and grab a few moments of pillow talk with my hubby. we both love peet’s major dickinson bold roast so it’s a must every day. then the little monkeys wake up around 6:45am and the day really begins! 

- where can we find you on a saturday morning?

family time is #1 on the weekends and activities range from the boys making pancakes to baseball games, gym class, and house projects (my husband is legit mr. home depot!). 

- how do you keep that “healthy glow” 

working out, water and lots of vegetables is a must- I always promote healthy skin from the inside out. but when my skin is feeling dry and burnt out I like to do a good overhaul. I love me a good clay purifying mask to pull up oil and dirt. then I use my clarisonic with a glycolic gel cleanser,  followed by thayer’s witch hazel, organic chilean rose hip oil and a super rich eye cream from mario badescu. 

- what’s your favorite podcast? 

my regular rotation is of course local boss babe the skinny confidential, jackie from bitch bible and the insightful blog doo. my weekly treat is the bon appetite foodcast. it's stuffed with recipes, expert insight to the perfect rice technique, seasonal farmers market tips and more. also I adore adam rapoport (editor) and carla music (senior food director) - they crack me up! 

- who is your favorite boss babe and why?

I was just gifted kristin cavallari's new cookbook true roots. obsessed. she is a cool mama that doesn’t always need a blow out and contour to show new recipes and “mom life” on her instagram feed. she launched her own brand uncommon james and also has a new reality tv show in the works. to me she perfectly demonstrates that a working mama and wife CAN have it all! 

tam ashworth - isari flower studio  


I will often say “I knew the name of daffodils before I even learned proper English!” I grew up in the vibrant city of bangkok, attended secondary and upper school in england, university in france, then ultimately started my flower studio in the US. having studied interior design in paris and being a high-fashion model, I have an understanding of textures and colors that has materialized in floral form. I work out of an airy, light-filled studio in the center of solana beach where I meet with clients to make them feel as though have arrived to an oasis outside of the city to make their floral dreams come true.  

- what is your weekday morning routine? 

I walk my two dogs around the block (6:30am) and then shower (7:15am) and get my day going… every monday I go to the flower market by 8.30am then again either on wednesday or thursday before heading into my studio around 10:00-10:30am.   

- do you wake up with an alarm each day or on your own?

I am an early riser. my body clock rises with how light it is in the morning. I do not have window coverings (we have an urban view of the hills) so after the spring time change we tend to wake up around 5:45-6:00. 

- where can we find you on a Saturday morning? 

saturdays are mostly event days, so I love being home on saturday mornings...I try to get some house chores done, start the laundry machine, etc. before going into the studio just before noon to load up vans to make it to set-up events. 

- what are you most inspired by right now? 

human relationships (interactions and psychology).  

- how do you keep that “healthy glow” 

I do not eat a lot of unnecessary substances such as red meat, dairy, alcohol or sugar. aside from that I get regular face massages and I put sunscreen on everyday! 

- if you were speaking to a group of young women, what would you want them to know? 

be empowered, be KIND, be inspirational, be a leader by example… (live unapologetically) be authentic, current and selfless. 

- favorite local small business?

isari flower studio …. duh? if that does not count, then my husband’s company - linksoul clothing brand #makeparnotwar

- current sweat sesh’ work out?


- top 5 2018 bucket list items? 

1. patagonia (s. america)

2. iceland

3. croatia 

4. santorini

5. new zealand  

- who is your favorite boss babe and why?

there are so many inspirational self starters and business women in my industry that I admire. I adore D’Arcy Benincosa. she has such an amazing selfless point of view…huge heart, kind, selfless, talented, yet she is real & unapologetic with a beautiful voice of story telling.

cindy nixon - bay bird inc. 


I am a san diego native and the culinary pr manager at bay bird Inc, a lifestyle communications firm anchored in the east village neighborhood.   a bon appétit addict, after years in broadcast news and non-profit pr, I made the move to bay bird where I lead the all-female company's culinary roster with such notable clients as juniper and ivy, the crack shack and campfire.  along with an affinity for 90s hip hop, mid-century design, briny oysters, stinky cheeses, farmhouse ales and peppery reds, I bring a strong passion for the industry along with a willingness to put my heart and soul into seeing the city develop into a culinary mecca. 

- what is your weekday morning routine? 

a glass of water followed by a few minutes of stretching and meditation, the gym (if time permits and I don't sleep in past my alarm), aesop face mask or herbal steam (if there's time) and a quick scan of the news.  

- where can we find you on a saturday morning? 

coffee first.  if I don't make it at home, typically at dark horse in golden hill where I like to read what's new in the culinary and design industries through publications like bon appétit, food & wine, dwell, domino and afar along with some more indie pubs like cherry bombe, gather, drift and ambrosia and the gourmand, followed by a long walk through the neighborhood.  sometimes a spin class.  

- what are you most inspired by right now? 

the creativity and positive energy of my strong support system of driven women. 

- what’s your favorite podcast? 

pardon my french by atelier dore. I appreciate her unapologetic candor and interviews with many women I admire in the photography, fashion and design realm.  

- what is your shopping guilty pleasure? 

ceramics and candles that I don't even have enough room for currently.  also, always jumpsuits.  can't quit a good thing.  

- current sweat sesh’ work out?

hip hop cardio.  I rarely miss a friday hip hop work out.  

- who is your favorite boss babe and why?

ruth bader ginsberg, the ultimate girl boss.  I'm fascinated by the ways she rose up through the ranks in a time when the role of many women was still in the home.  she had to earn respect during a time when it wasn't easily given.  leading in a progressive fashion, she paved the way for many women of future generations.  

sydnie - san diego magazine


my roots start in the midwest, but it was after relocating to the east coast in my childhood that I found a new love of fashion and art while living outside of new york city. It was that passion that prompted me to pursue a career in magazines, most notably my time at seventeen magazine in new york and now at san diego magazine as the art director. when I’m not designing or out at a photoshoot, you can find me around my neighborhood in crown point mission bay where I’ve happily embraced the san diego lifestyle.

- do you wake up with an alarm each day or on your own?

I am a notorious snooze-r! I set an alarm and plan for 10-20 minutes of snooze time… and that’s only if my cat, henry, has not woken me up already. 

- where can we find you on a saturday morning?

I like to start my weekend with a walk around mission bay taking in my neighborhood and getting fresh air. also, a pitstop at better buzz doesn’t hurt along the way. my go-to menu items are the best drink ever, mango black tea and islander acai bowl.

- what’s your favorite podcast?

I love a good mystery, s-town and serial are some of my favorites. 

- current sweat sesh’ work out?

I’m a big fan of sparkcycle. dance party on a bike and you burn calories? sold.

- if you were speaking to a group of young women, what would you want them to know? 

know your worth and what you deserve. and be nice along the way.

- who is your favorite boss babe and why?

my mom. not only is she strong and smart and so many things in between, but she worked her a** off as a single parent to support us when I was really young. for that, I will always look up to her.

- top 5 2018 bucket list items:

1. spend more time with family. 

2. make more memories in the moment. 

3. eat healthier and take better care of my body.

4. get more stamps in my passport. 

5. fall in love with something new.


thank you to everyone for being a part of this incredible day! 


Ali and Jay

Anna Beck Designs

Jessica Jaccarino Photo

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